I went backstage at Bridal Fashion Week - from jumpsuits to pearl-covered wedding dresses, 2023 trends for every budget | The US Sun

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HAVE you ever wanted to know what life is like behind the scenes at a Bridal Fashion Week event?

New York Bridal Fashion Week for the Spring 2023 wedding season has come and gone with new design trends coming to life and some old trends making a reappearance. Dresses Jumpsuits

I went backstage at Bridal Fashion Week - from jumpsuits to pearl-covered wedding dresses, 2023 trends for every budget | The US Sun

Twice a year bridal designers from all over the world come to New York City for New York Bridal Fashion Week.

In anticipation of the Spring 2023 season, the city was a hot spot for the wedding industry from October 10 to October 14.

The U.S. Sun attended the Melange de Blanc Show at Center 415 and captured the illustrious environment from the inside, discussing design trends and best-selling pieces with some of the finest brands in the industry.

From shoes to capes to gowns galore, designers shared their hot takes on what they expect to see gracing the bodies of blushing brides in 2023.

According to Demi Ferraris, the VP of Sales at Frances Valentine, jumpsuits are really hot right now for wedding-related events, like rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, engagement parties, and more.

Back in 2016, co-founders and best friends Elyce Arons and renowned accessories designer Kate Spade launched the clothing brand Frances Valentine with ready-to-wear chic articles of clothing that near the $1,000 range.

To explain her point, Ferraris pulled out their best-selling Audrey Flower Jumpsuit, $978, which she paired with a matching overskirt to give it a feminine touch.

"This is our Audrey jumpsuit. Super fun. It's got this great little stand-up collar, beautiful wide-leg pants, and then you put this piece around it. So, it's just killer," Ferraris further described.

Many designers choose to dress a garment up with an overskirt or cape to make it appear more elegant, whether it be a jumpsuit or plain silhouette.

For many brides, when you think of a wedding gown, you think of floral details which the revered Dallas-based bridal brand Watters has incorporated heavily into their 2023 collection.

"Brides always love flowers. Flowers are just such a timeless thing for a wedding," stated Sydney Watters Dunbar, the Style Director for Watters.

Many of their bridal gowns at the Melange de Blanc show featured hand-done beads to make them look like a floral pattern.

The best part is that brides can get their hands on a beautiful modern Watters gown, like the Magnolia, for around $2,500.

If $2,500 is still a bit too steep, Watters offers a plethora of similar styles, like Jojo with a pearl-beaded bustier top, that fall around $1,000.

Lace, pearl, and floral details on wedding gowns never go out of style, but there's been a minimalist take on simple, plain gowns, especially for square necklines this upcoming 2023 wedding season.

"This season what's been really popular has been, like, square necklines, and I see a big trend of plain dresses coming back," said Jimme Huang, the owner and designer behind JH Bridal.

Huang also shared that he started using sustainable materials as part of his team's design construction process for his latest Pure Collection as a way to "try to do something for the planet."

JH Bridal gowns typically fall in the upper thousands from $1,500 to $6,500 for a bride that wants to spend a little more on glitz and glamour, such as Full House's Jodie Sweetin who wore the Evita gown from the Aura Collection on her wedding day.

To make a plain style stand out, many fashion teams incorporate a throwback to the past with the reintroduction of big balloon sleeves and big bows in the back of the gown. 

Numerous bridal and haute couture designers are incorporating corsets into their gowns because it molds the figure and works to cinch in at the waist.

This creates the illusion of an hourglass figure regardless of your body shape.

"It doesn't matter if you have more of a challenging body or you are really thin and you need some curves, it fits you," commented a sales representative from the Vietnam-based fashion company Joli Poli Haute Couture.

Designers weren't just exhibiting their best formal looks, but they were also showcasing bridal accessories that were meant to enhance a bride's look on her special day and be a fun memorabilia item.

By spending less on their gowns, brides can also splurge a bit more on accessories like a personalized clutch from Ariel Taub Luxury Bridal Accessories that fall in the $400 to $500 price range.

"So, I actually just launched my Wifey bag...So, it says wifey and when you open it up, it actually says "for lifey" and you can stamp your wedding date in it," shared Ariel Taub, Owner of Ariel Taub Luxury Accessories.

Lucrative shows like Melange de Blanc also provide an opportunity for an outsider to get a glimpse at the fast-paced and ever-changing bridal industry that generates billions of dollars annually.

Upscale events and private bridal shows don't just bring designers from around the world together in one place, but they also allow people from other important aspects of the business to network like photographers, models, and more.

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I went backstage at Bridal Fashion Week - from jumpsuits to pearl-covered wedding dresses, 2023 trends for every budget | The US Sun