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2022-08-13 13:06:52 By : Mr. Ben Wan

Michael Bartiromo, Nexstar Media Wire

The recall, announced Wednesday, concerns both Toyota and Lexus vehicles. (Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – Toyota is issuing a safety recall to address a software glitch affecting approximately 460,000 Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Toyota says the problem concerns the cars’ Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) systems, a feature designed to help drivers “maintain vehicle control under adverse conditions,” according to the automaker’s website. Toyota says the VSC systems of the recalled vehicles may be experiencing an “error” that prevents the feature from automatically enabling in certain situations.

The voluntary recall notice, issued Wednesday, names 10 different models of Toyota and Lexus vehicles: Toyota Venza, Mirai, RAV4 Hybrid, RAV4 Prime, Sienna HV and Highlander HV models, and Lexus LS500h, LX600, NX350h and NX450h+ models.

“Owners of involved vehicles will be notified by the middle of June 2022,” Toyota says.

The fix will be provided free of charge at Toyota and Lexus dealers, the automaker added.

Customers can check with Toyota of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to see if their vehicles are affected.

Also on Wednesday, Toyota issued a recall for 4,000 additional 2022 Lexus NX vehicles (both HEV and PHEV) for potentially “incorrect welding” at the site of the front shock absorbers and the body panels.

“Incorrect welding could eventually cause a shock absorber to separate from the mounting area, resulting in a loss of driving stability and increasing the risk of a crash,” Toyota writes.

Owners will be notified by mid-June once a remedy is developed.

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